Our rehabilitation programme provides recuperation, restoration, reconciliation and re-integration avenues for newly released ex-offenders. Here, they learn how to rebuild their lives and families, and then contribute back to society…more info

YOUTH / SCHOOL | Wiring The Young Ones

Our past failures and experiences put us in a unique position to share with and teach the young. We have moved upstream from aftercare to preventive work with structured mentoring programmes to reach our next generation…more info

PRISON | Delivering Hope Behind Bars

We seek to bring tangible hope and encouragement to those still in prison. Our transformed lives enhearten and our counselling programme enables them to lead lives liberated from gangs and survive beyond bars…more info

ELDERLY | Bringing Joy To The Aged

Our objective is to bring joy, comfort and meaning to the lives of the lonely and neglected old folks. The weekly visits, home refurbishments, festive celebrations an regular home cleaning have touched many…more info

EXCHANGE PROGRAMME | Transformed To Impact Nations

We often collaborate with overseas halfway houses, prisons and organisations focussed on the less fortunate or youths-at-risk. Our knowledge and experiences are shared to benefit them and help them serve their community even better…more info